Published 08/24/11 9:44am

UTB Deal: $1 Off A UniEats Card


We've definitely been into the many Penn kids trying to make it rich, but this time we're taking it a step further and trying to help you get rich-- by saving you money!

If you missed out on the PennEats fun last year, the card is back. The newly-expanded UniEats (so named because they've opened at Columbia and Northwestern, too) has 16 restaurants offering discounts. And for the first time, we're offering a deal of our own.

Use the code "UTBUniEats" to buy online today through Wednesday, August 30th and get $1 off the pre-sale card price. You put the code in on the second page of checkout. If you miss this week's opportunity, the cards are regularly $12 during NSO and $15 the rest of the year.

An $11 card could conceivably pay for itself in one week. But even if you don't dine out every night, over the course of a year you're more than golden. See our math after the jump if you're not convinced.

Here's a sample way to earn back your $11 with some standard things Penn kids would definitely buy. Honestly, you could accomplish this in a really yummy week:

  • A burger and a margarita at Copa: Save $2.00
  • Two beers and an entree at Tap House: Save $2.20
  • A salad and drink at Gia: Save $1.00
  • A burrito at Qdoba: Save $0.70
  • A Penn Roll and Miso Soup at Pod: Save $1.50
  • Two slices of pizza at Allegro's: Save $0.60
  • Some Froyo at Kiwi: Save $0.50
  • Hangover brunch at Metro: Save $1.20
  • Takeout beers at Pizza Rustica: Save $1.30
A snob for one particular restaurant, or just trying to take it slow? Here's other options to earn back your $11. Mix and match or just stick with one:
  • Eat at Gia once a week for about a semester
  • Get an iced latte at Metro once a week this year
  • Use your card when catering an event for 20-30 with Lee's Hoagies
  • Get you and your friends SMASHED one night at Tap House-- on good beer!
  • Dinner with your parents at Penne during move-in and again at Family Weekend (they'll do the saving for you!)
  • A slice of Allegro's pizza once a weekend; like we don't end up doing this anyway
So what are you waiting for? $11 ain't gonna pay for itself unless you go use the code "UTBUniEats" right now (or until Wednesday).

PS: Are you a student business looking to reach the most savvy folks at Penn (our readers)? Get in touch-- we'd love to work out a UTB Deal with you too!

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