Published 08/15/11 10:51am

Is Soup The New Cupcake?


Soup. One word, so many possibilities. So many possibilities that have yet to grace our campus' premises, that is. Between Houston's over-creamed, undersexed rendition of Corn Chowder (which is sadly delicious for those very reasons) and Quiznos' lukewarm chili, something's missing that not even an endless loop of Soup Nazi jokes can amend. But wait! Not anymore (maybe).

Though placement is not yet official, Soup & Wich--a food truck bearing the likes of an upscale Panera (so upscale their twitter is protected, wtf)--may find its permanent home in University City come late October. Tentative menu items include:

"...options like slow-cooked pork, build-your-own grilled cheese and banh mi, plus a selection of soups that'll include pho, ramen, carrot ginger, Thai curry and classic chicken noodle."

Excuse us while we mop up our drool soup.

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