Published 08/08/11 11:48am

Fall Fest Theme Announced!


The third annual Fall Fest will take place on Saturday, September 24th and after much deliberation, SPEC decided to finally take a "chance" on this idea they pulled out of their community chest: Monopoly Edition!

If you've got yourself a student band, you've taken care of your Yoko problem, and you're positive that you won't make the crowd "board," then head on over to this SPEC page and get your applications in! Do not pass Go; do not collect $200. (Applications are also open to people who have no friends DJs.)

Similarly, if your student group wants to attract freshmen and slacking sophomores during the festivities by securing the green corner of the board (AKA College Green), then check out SPEC's page here to find out how you can apply.

Right now, the weather looks like it'll be sunny with a slight chance of makin' it rain.

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