Published 07/08/11 9:09am

Watch What You Eat (and Eat What You Watch)


We owe a lot to Campusfood, from feeding our famished brains during all nighters in VP to facilitating Allegro deliveries made just down the block (we're sorry). Now, Campusfood has raised the bar by brilliantly marrying two of our favorite concepts: food and entertainment.  Read on for some sweet summertime dinner-and-a-movie-recs for this weekend, and ignore the fact that you probably can't find a restaurant with 'pre-cut sliced seedless watermelon.' This list (their creation) is essentially what would happen if you told Pandora what movie you were watching and she told you what food to eat.

Watch: "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Order: Chicago style pizza in tribute to the Windy City

Watch: "There's Something About Mary" Order: Corndogs and other "meats on sticks," like chicken kabobs and chicken souvlaki

Watch: "Animal House" Order: Food fight scene stealers: hamburger, mashed potato and green jello

Watch: "Dazed and Confused" Order: A classic BLT, extra bacon


Watch: "Dirty Dancing" Order: Sliced seedless watermelon, pre-cut for a lighter snack

Watch: "Eat, Pray, Love" Order: Pasta, pasta, pasta

Watch: "Goodfellas" Order: A big meal is in order: Filet mignon with a prosciutto appetizer and mozzarella

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