Published 04/20/11 10:00am

SEX! Get Thee To A Bedroom, Quakers!


OkCupid, that online dating mecca, has published a series of infographics detailing the sexual facts, habits and interests of, well, almost everyone.

While the entire article is fascinating, of particular interest is Graph #9, which charts college tuition against the number of times per week students would like to fornicate. The general trend appears to be that the higher the tuition, the more the students want you in their beds. Turns out Penn students crave sex approximately 4.9 times per week! You naughty Quakers!

What can we learn from this? Well, we suggest taking a day trip to Sarah Lawrence (6.0), a hotbed of horniness, and staying far away from Iowa State (4.1). And if you don't want to leave campus, we're always here for you.


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