Published 03/24/11 3:16pm

Robots! Pandas! Mantles?


Lay down your Hamiltons—for just 10 bucks a pop, SPEC's Jazz & Groove division, in conjunction with the Interactive Media Group, presents RJD2 (not to be confused with the Star Wars robot), Gold Panda (what's up with the DJ panda obsession?) and Dam Mantle (no snarky joke here, sorry).

The groovy trifecta comes to town on March 31st (that's a week from today!) at 8PM and hopes to sell out the ARCH Auditorium...which it probably will. So if you're interested in checking these bad boys out or if you're just curious to see what kind of show venue the ARCH building can support, you should probs get your ticket on Locust Walk ASAP.

(If you're unfamiliar with the artists, but are too embarrassed to ask your friends about them, feel free to snoop out more information here.)

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