Published 03/24/11 2:45pm

Gettin' Groovy With Your Fav College House


Harrison kids can break it down! The Harrison College Semi-formal, located at the oh-so-convenient Harrison College House Rooftop Lounge on Saturday, March 19, was a hit among residents and non-residents alike. For $5 ahead of time (or a whopping $7 at the door) party-goers were given free range to indulge in unlimited Maggiano's, face paint, and masks, all in the spirit of the masquerade theme.

No need to travel far to have a slammin' time - one elevator ride provided a b-r-e-a-t-h taking view of our own City of Brotherly Lurv. Check out our special exclusive footage of the night; yes, some of it's kind of dark, but that's because the formal was too busy being awesome to worry about proper lighting for our video.


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