Published 11/09/10 12:35pm

Wiz Khalifa Went To Jail; Hopefully He's Still Coming To Penn


Bear with us here while we try to figure out what is going on in the life of rapper Wiz Khalifa. He's supposed to perform at the Rotunda Friday, which we think is still happening (anyone at SPEC has yet to holler back at us), but nothing makes a lot of sense.

He tweeted about an hour ago:

This, according to MTV, was because he was arrested in Greenville, North Carolina, on drug charges. But he was let out this morning. We're not sure what tipped the police off, but it could've had something to do with his tweet before the concert:


Wiz, please just come to Penn and perform... don't bring no drama.

Update: A SPEC insider confirms Wiz is still on: "Yea everything is good to go... just some felony charges of marijuana trafficking and possession."

Also, here's a video of him getting arrested.

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