Features  Published 11/29/10 9:30am

UTB Lunch Week: Behold, The Gobbler


It's the first day of Lunch Week, and what better way to commemorate your Thanksgiving memories than with a *limited edition* theme sandwich from Wawa? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Gobbler. This elusive treat only shows up for about a month surrounding Thanksgiving, and every single part of it makes me wish that it was a year-round menu fixture. Turkey that's been simmering in a pit of gravy tops off a layer of Wawa's trademark stuffing; the final garnish is a dash of gelid, jellied cranberry sauce. Sure, the turkey does have notes of wet cat food, and the roll deteriorates almost immediately under the weight of the fast-food-Thanksgiving orgy happening up top, but hey - it's only around once a year! You have until around December 5th to try this delicious mess, so walk past Gia Pronto this week and relive Thanksgiving until you can't.

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