Published 11/18/10 10:34am

Street Presents The 10th Annual Cultural Elite, Among Other Things


As far as Street traditions go, we've got some good ones. Shoutouts (in two weeks!), Freshman Superlatives, Sweeper... but really it's Cultural Elite, our yearly index of the who's-who of the senior class, that is the most difficult to put together. But somehow, painstakingly, we've narrowed the 2,500–odd of us down to the most notable 79.

Did you make the list? Join us at 11 p.m. at Smokes tonight for a pat on the back (so to speak) for the four years of hard work that landed you among Street's Elite.

Aaaand, back to normal Street programing: This week's cover story is a feature on One Step Away, a grass roots newspaper giving homeless Philadelphians a leg up. Strictly Funk's Adie Remiker is Ego of the Week, Food & Drink tags along on a blind date/restaurant review at Philly Italian establishment Il Portico, and Film gives you a (glowing!) sneak peak of the latest Harry Potter installment. Music gleaned campus' music-attuned community to bring you a fine looking crop of song recommendations, and Arts explores Philadelphia with Art History prof Julie Davis.

As usual, our Writers' Meeting is tonight at 6:30 p.m. at 4015 Walnut. Our post-Thanksgiving issue is the last of the semester as regular content goes, so it's your last chance!! Get involved!

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