Features  Published 10/28/10 2:41pm

People Who Went To Penn: Gloria Allred


Remember our "People Who Went To Penn" feature from last year? We're bringing it back! Instead of all those boring A-list names, it's time to focus on the many sort of (in)famous people that once called West Philadelphia their home.

First up: Gloria Allred. This self-proclaimed feminist lawyer and "fearless advocate for justice and equality" is famous for representing people such as several of Tiger Woods' mistresses, Britney Spears' ex-bodyguard, and some little girl who wanted to be a boyscout.

Most recently Gloria has been getting all up in everybody's business concerning the case of Nicky Diaz, the undocumented worker from Mexico who used to work for Meg Whitman. She was portrayed by Nasim Pedrad on SNL as an attention-seeker and "ambulance-chaser" with a special circle of hell reserved for her. And hey, The Washington Post says she also went to Penn!


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