Published 10/26/10 9:41am

Beer Tasting: Like Wine Tasting, Only With Beer

The Philomathean Society is generally known for two things: pretentiously hanging out on the top floor of College Hall, and hosting a pretentious wine tasting class every year. But for those of you who may be thinking, "wow, I'd also like to sound like a snob when I drink beer," the homies in robes have just the thing for you. Beer tasting!

The basics: $25 a class for four sessions on how to be high-class about beer. Check the full description and details after the jump.

What is the Beer Class? Four ninety-minute seminars on how to taste and appreciate beer around the world, conducted by Peter Cherpack, CEO of Beer Appreciation LLC, in the beautiful Philomathean Halls (4th floor College Hall).

When will it take place? Starting Wednesday Oct. 27th, and then continuing weekly through November (Nov. 3rd, 10th, and 17th), each week from 7-8.30pm, the Beer Class is the perfect mid-week break in your stressful Fall Semester.

What will we cover? Each class is structured around a series of catered beer tastings, accompanied by insightful commentary. The first class will be a history of beer and the different styles, and you can be sure that every reference will be accompanied by a delicious new beverage.  Next the class will get international, and  you will have a chance to sample some of the best brews from around the world.  After that, its the brewing process.  You'll get a chance to taste beers brewed in many different styles and decide how you like your beer.  The class ends will a taste of the local flavor with the very best beers from America and Philadelphia.

How much is the class? We are delighted to be able to provide the class at a considerable discount at $25 per class or $100 total (plus a $3.50 administrative fee). This includes food, beer and literature for all classes. To make sure you get the full value of the series, you can nominate an alternate who can take your place at class if you're unable to attend.

How do I sign up? Easy! If you are 21 by Oct. 27th, then simply visit www.philomathean.org/beerclass and fill out the form. Payment is by credit card only and you will be automatically directed to a secure site after submitting.

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