Features  Published 09/20/10 3:30pm

Upsilon Tau Beta Presents: The Sorority Hunt


Ever since Phi Sig shut down, the Greek world has been a-gossip with tales of the new sorority coming to campus. Some claimed Kappa Kappa Gamma was a done deal, while Theta others thought of forming a new off-campus. Now, with the DP reporting the final five to make the cut, you may be wondering-- what new symbols will grace sweatpant-clad butts?

The members of Upsilon Tau Beta (really though we'd make a great frat) bring all you need to know about the potential new sisterhoods. Feel free to use these facts, Panhel.

Alpha Delta Pi (???, ADPi) Founded at Penn: Never, OMG, taboo! Mascot: "Alphie" the Lion Best ADPi: Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years Worst ADPi: This chick Hand symbol:


Potentially offensive nicknames: Ate-a-pie Verdict: Can easily see that hand symbol infesting Facebook albums everywhere. Definitely has potential.

Alpha Omicron Pi (?O?, AOII) Founded at Penn: 1918 Best AOIIs: Two Survivor winners Magazine name: To Dragma, or "the sheaf." Yeah. A sheaf. Like, of wheat. Hand symbol:

Random CollegeACB report: "hahaha those chicks should be locked in some cages somewhere not running loose and possibly sneaking into my parties"-Penn State Potentially offensive nicknames: Always Open Thighs, AOPoop Verdict: They have a whole web store exclusively for AOII gear. They will run Big/Little week!

Delta Gamma (??, DG) Founded at Penn: 1946 Mascot: An anchor that is legitimately cute on anything, ever Best DG: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and a Cheetah Girl Worst DGs: The girls who made this video, which may or may not include the lyrics "We’re gonna be hotter than God somehow" Hand symbol:

Potentially offensive nicknames: Delta Slamma Gamma, Delta Grenade Verdict: Anyone who can deny the chance to form a Penn-Cheetah Girl link is soulless.

Delta Zeta (??, DZ) Founded at Penn: 1928 Colors: Rose and green. That's nice. Best DZ: OMG THE VIEW Worst DZ: That bitch I went to high school with Hand(s) symbol:

Potentially offensive nicknames: Easy DZ, Di-sease Random CollegeACB thoughts: "everybody is jealous of delta zeta"- North Carolina State Verdict: Definitely a toss-up. On the one hand, their colors are lovely. On the other hand, "Easy DZ" is going to be hard to combat. Speaking of other hands, it takes four hands to make their little symbol. Unnecessary effort, much?

Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA, Zeta) Founded at Penn: 1918 Mascot: Crown Associated annoying slogan: "Only the best get crowned" Hand symbol:

Weird Fact: All of their letters are normal, English letters. How non-exclusive. Have we told you about the crowns?: They're everywhere. Most awesome Zetas ever: The ones that can step Potentially offensive nickname: Zits, Tits, and Armpits Verdict: let's take pictures with our crowns lol!

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