Published 07/07/10 1:29pm

Update: PennEats Cards Live, Seem Pretty Cool

We reported last week that PennEats, a new Penn student start-up, was looking for some super sales representatives. However, in our rush to apply for the job, we forgot to mention that the site-- launching today-- is actually a decent idea.

According to their website:

Now, with the purchase of a PennEats card, you too can feel appreciated for the long hours you put in at school. All cardholders receive a 10% discount at all of our participating restaurant vendors (restrictions may apply; please see the Vendors section of our website.) The card lasts you from the time of your purchase until May 2011, with a new card coming out at the end of the school year. Want to start saving money?
Nothing says "things we want to buy" like randomly bolded text! The "Vendors" page lists all eight restaurants accepting the card, including such noteworthy establishments as Tap House and Pod. We're still waiting for Taco Bell to make an appearance.

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