Published 06/25/10 10:50am

Cupcake It Till You Make It


When we first heard there was going to be a cupcake truck in Philly, our bellies were all aflutter with excitement and we began planning our class schedule around Buttercream's West Philly appearances. But after a year of satisfied sweet teeth, could there be a new cupcake sheriff in town? Get ready to welcome the wheels of not one, but two new cupcake trucks: Call Me Cupcake and Sweetbox.

Although Dave and Cheryl Dilks, the brains behind Call Me Cupcake, can't be tied down to one location (follow the cupcake trail here!), the owner of Sweetbox, Gretchen Fantini, is working on parking her wheels permanently in West Philly! Though we're a bit disappointed that the new cupcake competition is stirring up about as much controversy as last month's coffee truck feud, we guess all the friendliness makes sense, because how could anyone have hard feelings while surrounded by cupcakes?

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