Published 05/21/10 9:53am

Blackboard Gets Makeover, Probably Still Crashes When You Need It


We know it's summer, but it's hard to kick the habit of obsessively checking Blackboard. After all, we've got to keep it the number-one searched term in Philadelphia.

But today, we noticed something different-- Blackboard got a makeover! The 9.0 version sports customizable themes, a new title ("Blackboard Learn"-- is that a command?), and some little module things that will most likely be under-utilized by any class you ever take. There's even a section called "Needs Attention" which should probably just be a picture of me.

In terms of actual usefulness, the "Courses" tab got cooler too. There's a catalog, where you can see all the classes offered in any given school and major. If the professor took that extra strep and put their syllabi online, you can check that out. Hooray Blackboard!

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