Published 04/21/10 7:35pm

The Hey Day Guide: Junior Edition


Yesterday, seniors got the low down on their role in Hey Day 2010. But, Hey Day is really all about the junior class, after all. Here's a quick breakdown of what's going for the Class of 2011 on this Penn-tastic day.

BEFORE FRIDAY All juniors who want to participate in the Hey Day Picnic and Procession must sign the Hey Day Pledge. We're all for the class board's efforts to make HeySAFE happen, but enforcing this one seems pretty tough.

THURSDAY, 1-7 pm Hey Day packages are on sale on the second floor of Houston. $15 buys you this shirt.  $30 and you get a styrofoam hat, cane and sunglasses. Those extra $15 are totally worth the 50+  Facebook photos of you in Hey Day attire.

FRIDAY, 11 am-2pm Hey Day Picnic @ High Rise Field. You can also redeem your hat, cane and sunglasses during this time. Drunkenness, excessive photos, and freshman hall mate reunions are sure to ensue.


FRIDAY, 2:15-2:45 pm Hey Day Procession. This year's path starts at the High Rise fields and ends at College Hall, where Amy G will speak. Like Convocation, but without the bomb desserts.

FRIDAY, post 3 pm Nap. Rally.

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