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 Published 04/08/10 7:59pm

Oh, Look, Senior Societies

Whew! We still haven't recovered from the debutante ball that was Penn senior societies last year, but, by golly, tapping time has come and gone again!

You may have heard from Toast & Roasts that we have tons of new hoity-toities running around campus, or you may have just seen them stumbling around at night. Special shoutout to the girl in the boa on Locust shouting into her cell phone, "I'm a FRIAR, bitch!"

Check out all the new cool kids after the jump.

Friars: Rachel Villa Stephanie Wheeler Jung Kim Rachel Romeo Adie Remiker Molly Mitchell Lauren Springer Ayesha Chacko Sarah Beth McKay Raya Jalabi Blaine Beshah Lindsay Eatough Tyler Bernardini Jack Eggleston Keiffer Garton Tobi Olopade Jim Foreman PJ Heyer Alex Toumayan Sachin Amrute Danyal Kothari Dave Dobkin Jeff Kaplan Ferrell Townsend Wesley Williams

Sphinx: GJ Melendez-Torres Omar Maskati Naomi Kaplan Ryan Joboson Wendy De La Rosa Justin Ching Matt Amalfitano Ali Huberlie Roxana Mousvani Kaneesha Parsard Malcolm Evans Rachel Baye Adam Behrens Maura Goldstein Rohan Grover Natalie Feigenbaum Darryl Oliver Manoj Racherla Clarence Moore Lini Stern Petal Samuel Nicole Dillard DJ Rico Moore

Mortarboard: Tanya Zaist Matty Tellem Josh Roberts Dhruv Batura Jamie Albers Bridget Waclawik Carolyne Volpe John Sides Shane Kleinstein Thomas Hawkins Gabrielle A. Esensten Andrea M. Frantz Colin Dampier Ted Rawlings Johnny Lloyd Siobhan Carey David Peters Lloyd Danzig Sam Bloom Will Davis Kristin Yamauchi Nicholas Whitehead Shelli Steinberg Bennett Blazei

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