Published 03/29/10 10:03am

Make Like The Red Sea And Split...To Your On-Campus Seder!


Notice the lack of activity around campus this weekend? Well kids, that's because Passover is upon us (come tonight at sundown, at least), as all of the Tri-State area Jews flock home to chow down on matzah and charoset (chop, chop, chop) at their family's seders. But for those of you who aren't from around these parts, there is still hope to get your seder on tonight and tomorrow. Tipsters (read: every single member of Hillel) have alerted us to this Passover video to spread word of student-led seders on campus. While we appreciate the sound effects, drunk Elijah, and pyramid reference (took us a while to get that one!), we're left with a few questions. How did fake Moses get to the Lost statue, and why is he picking its nose? Where did they find that baby in the laundry basket? Should we call child services? And why can't Moses hold his jungle juice?

Anyways, if you're interested in joining a seder, you can sign up here. Happy Passover!

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