Published 02/04/10 2:02pm

No Pho'King Way


File this one under our "strange but awesome" category.

According to a Facebook group, there's a new spot coming to town that promises "insanely cheap, healthy, homemade, no MSG, delicious pho."

But there's one catch: after a little investigative research (i.e. emailing the Pho King himself), we found out that this Pho'King place actually intends to become the underground pho hot spot for Penn students.


Yep, four students—who have mysteriously dubbed themselves "The Four Amigos"—have a dream. The great dream to sell enough delicious, MSG-free pho to book it all the way to Disneyworld. "With big dreams and little money," they told us, "we've decided to bank on the one skill we have: making a decent pot of pho."

The grand opening's set for Feb. 8th but in order to actually get yourself a bowl, the "Four Amigos" are suggesting that students simply "ask around for the location."

OMG, it's totally like when those hipster bands decide to play in some random unannounced New York location and Michael Cera has to cab around the city until he actually finds the concert. Saucy.

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