Published 12/12/09 12:10pm

An Important UTB PSA

Well guys, it has been quite a semester over here at UTB. We've kept tabs on elections and squirrels and the Button. We've made sure you know about fro-yo and coffee and tacos. We even taught you how to find a little love on this big campus of ours. And we have our fantastic fall UTB editors, Charlotte Borgen and Ben Rosen, to thank for all that and more.

But with the end of classes comes a changing of the guard, so we are pleased to announce Hillary Reinsberg as the first ever UTB Managing Editor. Though currently studying abroad in Berlin, Hillary will be stateside next semester and remain on board as Managing Editor through the entirety of 2010.

Since we, like you, are sadly in official finals mode, we'll be posting sporadically from now until the 22nd. Keep sending us tips and musings — the more you send us, the more we write, the more you read and the more you can procrastinate. So do it. And check back often.

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