Published 11/09/09 2:01pm

Wharton Grad Spends Cash Money, Hangs With Megan Fox


*** Exclusive Access *** attends/rings in the new year at the New Year's Eve Party held at The Bank hosted by Usher on December 31, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. / Michael Tran

Oh, Taek Jho Low. We hardly knew you. Well, we actually didn't know you at all, since you graduated from Penn in 2004. But that doesn't matter, because you are the latest Penn alum to gain notoriety for your ridiculously excessive ways. Congratulations!

The New York Post is reporting that Low, a native of Malaysia, is causing quite a stir on the New York club circuit. Low looks like your typical Wharton nerd, which makes the whole thing even more intriguing to the likes of Daniel Craig and Usher (yep, that's Usher and Low downing some bubbly).

The weirdest thing he's done thusfar? Fly Megan Fox (hey, remember when she filmed that movie at Penn?) out to Vegas for his birthday. However, our favorite Low fact is that he wrote this stock pick piece about Enron for the Wharton Journal.

Here is a breakdown of Low by the numbers:

  • 20-something: his age
  • $160,000: a recent bar tab at Avenue
  • 23: bottles of Cristal he sent over to Lindsay Lohan at her 23rd birthday celebration at 1OAK
  • $100,000: the cost of his monthly rent in the Park Imperial, where he counts P. Diddy among his neighbors
  • 8-12: people in his entourage
  • $300,000: amount spent on six exclusive memberships to "an upscale club in Midtown"
Which leads us to ask: who is this guy?

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