Published 11/09/09 12:02pm

Phillies Could Sign Commencement Speaker Candidate Mark DeRosa

Man, tough loss for the Phillies last week. The good news is that it's caused them to tap into their inner Coach Taylor and start this offseason with an intensity and a determination that would make Buddy Garrity giggle for days. They already picked up Cliff Lee's option and are looking to make more moves in the coming weeks. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't even think about not signing Mark DeRosa!

Rumor is they're interested in signing DeRosa, a Penn alum, to fill the hole left by the departing Pedro Feliz. Do you know what this means? He could be in town for Commencement! To recap: after he became a Trending Topic on Twitter, we decided he should speak at Commencement this May. We were so worried that he wouldn't be in town, but Commencement is May 17th and the Phillies have a home game that night against Pittsburgh. THIS COULD HAPPEN. We need your help though: sign this petition! It's the only way to make that day at all special.

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