Published 11/02/09 3:01pm

Coup: There It Is


Finally, Coup De Taco opened. It's parked on 40th between Spruce and Locust and it didn't have any line when we went at 1 today. We're guessing it might have been the last time we could walk right up, though, because these tacos were muy bangin.

We went with the Southern BBQ Pork Tacos (1 for $3.50 or 2 for $6). See how they're individually wrapped in foil and placed in one of those cardboard carnival things? Very portable. Also, very delicious. The pork, which we were told had been marinating for a day, was served in a soft tortilla with rice and chopped apple. We know: apple? But it was good! Now that we've had that experience, we might ask for no apples next time, but only because we want to taste more of that pork. Mad juicy.

Most importantly, everyone we talked to (there were four guys crammed in there) was super nice and excited about the future of the truck. Things to look out for in the future include the menu being laminated onto a burlap sack and live music on Saturdays.

So, on a scale of Taco to 100 Tacos for $100, we give this truck two big thumbs up! If you also stopped by today, let us know what you thought in the comments. You can use any kind of arbitrary, nonsense scale you want.


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