Published 10/29/09 12:09pm

We <3 Philly


It seems like Philadelphia these days is a veritable city of love. The New York Times loves Philly, Obama loves Philly, and Philly even loves us back. This week Street decided to send back a little love to Philadelphia's BYOs, navigable streets and Phillies fans. We figured we'd take it one step further by venturing past 46th Street on the El to visit some oversized missives from Philly in the form of the Mural Arts Program's Love Letter project.

If you're down to check them out for yourself, we highly recommend it. Otherwise you can find the photos on the back page of Street, or a mapafter the jump. We hear it's a great spot for a date — imagine it: brown bagging it on a crisp fall afternoon with SEPTA and some murals. What else could you want?

Visit the Mural Arts Program's website for a full-sized map and more info on the project.

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