Published 10/01/09 7:52pm

Tippers Stay Tipping


Today must have been a really weird day on campus, because we got a steady stream of very bizarre photos (thanks guys!) and it's not even pledging season! Unfortunately, just this one time, we don't have all the answers to the "Please tell us what is going on here UTB!" cries that accompanied the tips. If you know what's up, help us out by commenting.

Check out squirrel whispering, indecent exposure, the return of mop tops and more, after the jump.

This tipster saw two mop-wielding girls on campus today. According to our very own Thomas Jansen, "It's for a protest tomorrow by the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP... Seriously). They're protesting Penn's investment/Wharton's use of a hotel chain that doesn't treat its service workers well."


We saw this one ourselves. If you're reading, squirrel feeder, we're sorry for doing such a bad job of pretending not to take your picture. But not that sorry, because the way you were hand-feeding squirrels for such a long time...it was unnerving.

Oh Benny looks absolutely charming. It's about time someone updated his look to better reflect the cool, hip threads of kids today.

Wow, more swing dancing around the button. Is this like...a thing or something? Should we be doing that?

In the words of the tipster, "Found this squirrel chilling in the Baldwin third floor boys bathroom in Fisher. He (she?) left his pizza crust in the shower. Newest member of the Media and Communications Program?" We always wondered how you could tell a squirrel's gender!

We have so, so much to say about the election thus far. Especially about this particular campaign. You're probably wondering, "How will I know who to vote for if UTB won't tell me." Be patient. We totally will. Maybe even...tomorrow.

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