Published 10/08/09 2:17pm

Getting In The Zone


Sometimes we want something with bread, cheese, tomato sauce, and a variety of possible toppings, but we don't want it to be in the form of a pizza. Until recently, there was nothing we could do to satisfy that craving!

Enter DP Dough, Penn’s newest late-night option, where slices have been ditched in favor of over 40 types of calzones (plus custom options), all for just $6.85 a pop. With owners who are happy to admit that they "cater to drunk people," and doors open until 2:30 a.m. on weeknights and 3:30 a.m. Friday-Saturday,  DP Dough just might become the new Allegro.

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DP Dough Philly 33 S. 40th Street

Sun-Thurs: 11am-2:30am Fri-Sat: 11am-3:30am (delivery orders taken until actual closing times)

The restaurant's interior is small, but don't be fooled into thinking it's delivery-only. Dining-in is fun, particularly due to the free DP Dough beer ping pong balls and bottle openers there for the taking. Plus, as one owner affirms, "weird stuff" goes on late at night. We don't know what, but we hope it's at least one of these things.

Here's what we tried! On the left is the Veggie Zone, on the right there's the Chik N' Bacon Zone, and in the middle, an order of CheeseStix (An excellent choice, if we do say so ourselves. Check out the close up above). You heard right, we went for two 'Zones and some stiX, because like DP Dough, we're X-TREME. Next time we'll forgo the standard meat and vegetarian options to try more interesting fillings like eggs, pineapple, and Cheez Whiz. Other menu highlights include the "Breakfast" category, for you early-birds or shame-walkers.

The owners stress that, while the franchise already has cult followings on other campuses, DP Dough Philly is unique to University City. To prove it, the owners even told us about a few secret, off-menu items, like "bangin' sauce" (not as dirty as it sounds) and "turtle sauce." Another Philly special? Asking to "Hook it Up," which for 50 cents tops a Zone with your choice of spices. We recommend this option (especially the Parmesan garlic), because the slang is hip to the jive and it tastes good.

They hope for a grand opening celebration later this month, but if you're itching for a deal now: 3 for 2 calzones when the Phillies win a playoff game!

An important side note for all Quad-dwellers: The delivery box fits through the iron side gates (like the ones in the Nipple) and they're totally down to deliver there.

If you opt in-store, though, be sure to venture a guess at what the "DP" actually stands for.  The owners keep a list of the best suggestions, including our three favorites:

Derelict Predators Dog Poop Dance Party

Feel free to leave your own interpretations in the comments or stop by for the real answer.

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