Published 10/12/09 12:00pm

Finally, The Results Are In

Freshmen, you really got out the vote, didn't you? You guys are always getting out the vote. Did you see who won? Look. Those names look pretty familiar. Cough. Wink. Nudge. Another cough.

So we can't help but wonder: did we have some type of influence on this election? Did our in depth coverage sway the eager babies of 2013 who didn't realize how unimportant this election really was? Probably not. That said, if anyone asks, just tell them you voted how you did because we told you so. Thanks!

But elections committee, way to blow up the losers' spots. Did you really have to show how many votes everyone got? There are some things people want to keep private: grades, weight, notes home from our kindergarten teachers about how we wet ourselves during naptime. This is another one of those things. If you didn't do well, know that we feel for you, and if you did, know that you wouldn't be there without us. Now go govern!

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