Published 10/21/09 10:04am

Balloon Boy Floats All the Way to Penn


So the Balloon Boy story was a hoax. There was no intrepid six-year-old floating in the sky over Colorado last Thursday. You are probably thinking, Under the Button, this is old news! Yeah, yeah we know, but check this out. Balloon Boy's parents aren't the only ones exploiting the harrowing situation of a child (or non-situation, since nothing happened?) for their own personal gain. Joining the melee: CampusFood!

This week's Penn online specials greet us with the following header:

Too soon? Yes, probably. But they did it for the show! This makes us want to throw up on a live television program in disgust. We are not really offended, don't worry. But when you take advantage of this deal this week (and OH WHAT A DEAL IT IS) think of the children. After exposing his lying, fraudulent, terrible parents on national TV, Balloon Boy probably isn't getting Papa John's for a long time.

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