Published 08/06/09 11:32am

The Real Housewives Of Philly?

From Botox parties to charity galas to fake bubbies, we love watching rich 40-somethings act crazy. Thus, Bravo has truly captivated us with its Real Housewives series. We've seen housewives from wealthy communities across the country, but what about our beloved Philly? The Real Housewives of the Main Line perhaps?

Well, Philadelphia, our day has come... kind of.

Earlier this week Oceanfront Media Productions issued a press release announcing the casting of its new series: The Women of Rittenhouse Square. Likening Walnut Street to Fifth Avenue, the new show will immerse you in a "fantastic wonderland of opulence" sure to "change the way Philadelphia is perceived." Sounds accurate. Okay, fine. It's not exactly Bravo's Housewives brilliance, but we'll take what we can get. Read the full press release after the jump.


(Philadelphia, PA) July 31, 2009 — Beverly Hills has Rodeo Drive, New York has Fifth Avenue, and Philadelphia has Walnut Street. Forget everything you know about Philadelphia and immerse in a fantastic wonderland of opulence. We are going to change the way Philadelphia is perceived. Oceanfront Media Productions will give audiences an inside view of the lives of Philadelphia’s most fabulous women.

We are looking for real women, living dynamic lives, and speaking honestly about their thoughts and opinions. The women must be fun, outgoing, and active in Center City, Philadelphia.

We are looking for modern day women who have years of life experience. The future starlets should be fashionable and self-confident. The women, their significant others and families must be willing to share their lives with the television audience.

We are searching for a group of 4 to 7 women who are friends, relatives, neighbors, or have a bond together. The majority of the women must live in Center City. We are open to all ages but must be over 18 to apply.

Please send us your name, age, address, contact number, and the names of those who will be part of your group. Write a few words about yourself and your friends. Detail fun events or activities you have recently enjoyed. Please attach a recent photo. The email deadline is Friday, August, 28, 2009.

Check us out at oceanfrontmediaproductions@blogspot.com. The email address to apply or ask questions is realityshowsubmission@gmail.com.

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