Published 07/27/09 5:07pm

Economy Not Messing Around, Attacking Innocent Food Carts


We didn't want to have to write about the recession again. We're tired of hearing about graduates from our fine school entering the jobless world, looking at a forecast of unemployment with a chance of hiring freeze. All this exclamation-point-punctuated madness — Economic crash! Hundreds Laid Off! Aaahh Real Monsters! — reminds us to be very, very happy that we live in a collegiate bubble, insulated from the outside world by our vehement denial of its existence and protective beer goggles. This willful ignorance of the universe beyond University City, however, can no longer go on. The Inquirer reports that a sacred Penn institution is suffering from the big bad economic crisis: The Food Cart. Featured in the article is Rami's, a Middle Eastern food cart at 40th and Locust where for less than $4 a person can enjoy delicious falafel goodness and Sami Dakko's charming, thick accent. Read the full story here, but only if you are prepared to find out just how tough times are for Rami's and that Sami actually says "Hello beautiful" to everyone, not just you.

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