Published 04/06/09 12:00pm

Flingalicious, Definition: Win Them Akon Wristbands


Hear ye, hear ye, our benevolent Social Planning and Events Committee (or more specifically, SPEC Concerts Co-Director Preston Hershorn) has generously provided UTB with three Fling concert wristbands to give away.  Wristbands, which are totally sold out otherwise, will give you floor access at the Akon/Guster concert on the 17th.  So how can you win? Submit your favorite Fling-ism with an Urban Dictionary-style definition. For example:

Flungover (adj) - the state of being hungover during Fling weekend as a result of excessive intoxication and fried Oreo consumption
Submit your entries to underthebutton@gmail.com with the subject line "Wristband Contest."  In addition to being published right here on UTB, the winner will receive two wristbands, and the runner-up will score one.  You have until Friday at 5 p.m. to submit your entries.

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