Published 04/14/09 12:52pm

Extra Credit In Flinguistics: Our Wristband Contest Winners!


After poring through entries that varied in quality from brilliant to inane for our Fling Wristband Giveaway, we are proud to announce the winners!  Your task was to create a fling-themed neologism, and the34th Street staff voted to determine the best definitions.

In first place, winning two wristbands, was Stephanie Costa for this oh-so-true speech descriptor:

flinguistics (n) - random drunk babble as a result of too many hours in the quad

ex: "I…really…oreos, and sumo wrestl….HAHAHA….did you seeeee….I don’t feel…::vomit::"

And in second place, scoring one wristband, was Tali Yahalom for this all-too-common social ill:
maflingerer (n) - that guy who didn't drink but pretends he's hungover the next morning

ex: "Danny says he's too hungover to clean the puke off the toilet, but I know for a fact he barely had anything to drink at our vodka breakfast. What a maflingerer."

Congrats, kids!  After the jump, read a few submissions that didn't make the cut.  And check back later today for UTB's own contributions to the Fling lexicon!

These entries didn't win any prizes, but they did make us laugh...or cringe, as the case may be.  (We'll leave 'em anonymous, to protect both the innocent and totally guilty.)

Flungatos - a state of extreme lethargy and sloth (comparable to a mini-coma) that occurs at some point in the wee hours of Sunday morning as the consequence of three full days of excessive fling drinking, dancing, and debauchery.

Nippoleon (n) - a douchebag from Theos, Oz or Owls who confines himself to the nipple because he believes he's too cool for the rest of the quad (We appreciate the historical allusion, but who actually hangs out in the Nipple? -Ed.)

Flugging - The act of chugging a drink at the gates of the Quad before the security guards make you dispose of it.

Fling-Bling - Garments and accessories worn by members of various organizations during Fling for the purpose of identifying one another despite severe intoxication.

Flive-0 – The Fling Police, unlike Fling Safe who are cuddly, and the R.A.'s who at their worst can write you up and pour out your alcohol. These actual Philadelphia Policemen, in all their sadistic leather whipping glory (or at least that was the best artist rendering that could be obtained from a student during last year’s fling), can and do assert their legal authority over Flingers by arresting a handful of students each Fling. ex: “Oh, fluck man! That’s not fling safe, it’s the flive-0. Stop feeding weed to the Zates’ llama and run for your life!”

Kim Flung Il – that geeky-but-surprisingly-riotous kid from your hall in the quad who, despite being sanctioned by fling safe, continues to launch illegal parties in his dorm room, insisting that alcohol be bought from each according to his means and distributed to each according to his needs.

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