Published 12/08/08 8:10pm

Brrrrrrr, It's Cold in Here

With reading days in full swing, we all must make that oh-so-personal decision about where is the best place to catch up on a semester's worth of reading, write that 20-page term paper, redo a billion problem sets or d) all of the above. Fisher Fine Arts has long been our hideout of choice (so much better than its fluorescently-lit neighbor to the north), so we decided to dawdle in there this afternoon for some quality procrastination study time. The only problem was that it was unreasonably cold. As we looked around what is arguably one of the most beautiful places on campus, we noticed that everyone was still donning their scarves and jackets, determined to stick it out sans heat.

We inquired at the desk, and apparently the library doesn't control its own heating and has put in a request with the university to fix the problem. Truth be told, the chill kept us alert and wasn't all together too unpleasant. That being said, maybe Amy can get this all settled after her party. Oh, and Williams was also reportedly without heat today. Let's hope things warm up quickly, otherwise Van Pelt may become as crowded as Copa Wednesdays. Ew.

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