1. Can’t make it to Starbucks before your 9am in DRL? Grab Verb. It contains just as much caffeine as an iced coffee. 
  2. Exhausted from making one life decision after another? Verb makes it simple. One delicious choice to keep you going throughout the day.
  3. Running from info session to info session and didn’t have time for lunch? Verb will fill you up and keep you going through OCR season. 
  4. Tired of dealing with coffee stains on your Vineyard Vines? Verb gives you the opportunity to consume caffeine mess-free. 
  5. Sick of making daily FroGro runs? Verb offers you monthly subscriptions so you can stay focused every single day. 
  6. Not selected for a coffee chat? Verb will at least substitute the “coffee” part for you. 
  7. Don’t want to wait for the high rise elevator? Verb gives you energy to take the steps. 
  8. Spend all your money on pumpkin spiced lattes? Verb’s oats and cocoa caffeinated energy bar is half price and 100% less basic.

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