Credit: Carson Kahoe

Classes loom as NSO comes to an end. Incoming freshmen may wonder where to execute the first part of the Penn "work hard, play hard" mantra, so here's list of all the coveted study spots on campus. 

1. Van Pelt Library: As Penn’s main library, Van Pelt is a quintessential study spot on campus. Each floor of the six-story building has different features: The basement, which is open 24 hours on most days, has numerous desks and sofas, while the sixth floor offers one of the best views of campus. If you want to take a study break or grab something to eat, Mark's Cafe, located in the basement, will keep you fueled. But be aware that the library can get crowded, especially during midterm and finals season. 

2. Fisher Fine Arts Library: Built in the late 1800s, the Fisher Fine Arts Library is not only home to the University’s art collection, but also a beautiful and quiet study hall. The red sandstone Gothic architecture lures in students who are looking to focus for hours at a time. Take the winding staircase to the second floor and you’ll find small, private alcoves perfect for hitting the books. The one downside? Food isn't allowed. 

3. Starbucks under Commons: Conveniently located right below 1920 Commons and across from Huntsman Hall, this Starbucks is the perfect place to study in if you like some white noise or company. This vibrant location has the most generous seating among the Starbucks locations on campus; choose from long communal tables, individual tables, couches and lounge chairs. One final tip — dining dollars are accepted. 

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4. Huntsman Hall: There’s no better place to have a team meeting or group-watch Game of Thrones than the group study rooms in Huntsman Hall. More commonly referred to as GSRs, these rooms are technically only available for Wharton students to book, so get a Wharton friend that can do it for you. If you book the room until midnight, the room is all yours until the morning. There are also large computer labs that are open 24/7 on the basement and the third floor of Huntsman Hall. Don’t be alarmed when security comes in to check your PennCard — this happens frequently throughout evening hours.

5. McClelland Hall: The social hub of freshmen living in the Quadrangle, this place is more for socializing than getting work done in the evening. During the day, however, it's much quieter and is actually a nice place to study if you don’t feel like leaving the Quad. There are also quiet study spaces in the back of McClelland that have communal tables and individual desks. 

6. Capogiro: A gelato shop located right next to the Radian, Capogiro is a refreshing alternative to the more typical study spots on campus. Having some homemade gelato as you study is a strong perk, but note that Capo's items do tend to be on the pricier side. Free Wi-Fi is available with every purchase, but it's encouraged to bring any electronic devices charged because it may be hard to find an outlet. The shop is also a nice place to hold informal interviews and coffee chats.

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