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As finals season approaches quickly, students are still trying to figure out which study spots work for them and which ones don’t. To aid with this problem, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst study spots for the upcoming week.

Best spot: sixth floor of Van Pelt Library

The top floor of the library is the perfect place to do some intense studying for finals, since it is pretty silent and the couches there can fit an entire study group. The view of College Green from the sixth floor is out of this world, which will hopefully improve the studying experience.

Worst spot: Huntsman Hall

The forum on the bottom floor of Huntsman Hall is certainly the worst place to try to do work, but it is one of the best places to socialize. And although a group study room in Huntsman usually provides a fun environment for students to work on group projects and partner assignments, when it comes to studying for finals it may not be the right choice. Many students know all too well how distracting the TV monitor in each GSR can be when your study session turns into a Netflix binge.

Best spot: Fisher Fine Arts Library

Fisher is the model of a traditional, silent library. It is the perfect spot to study for finals because of the quiet environment that discourages any semblance of noise as well as the Instagram-worthy interior. The only problem with Fisher Fine Arts Library is that is closes at midnight, making it unfit for an all-nighter.

Worst spot: Your room

You might think the comfort of your own home would allow for some productive studying to be accomplished. But with your bed just a few steps away from your desk, what’s really stopping you from taking a quick five-minute nap that inevitably ends up lasting two hours?

Best spot: Biomedical Library 

This is one of the least-populated libraries on campus, because so few people know of it as a good study space. Located behind the Quad on Hamilton Walk, the Biomedical Library is the perfect place to cram for finals because virtually no one will come there to distract you.

Worst spots: Starbucks, Saxbys and HubBub

These coffee shops may provide a relaxed setting to study with peers, but they can be too distracting to actually focus and get work done. Instead of spending the day studying at one of these places, take your daily dose of caffeine with you to the library for a quieter atmosphere. 

Best spot: Silfen Study Center in Williams Hall

The vibes of this study space are phenomenal, and people are usually quiet so it’s easy to be productive. Plus, if you feel like grabbing a snack, Williams Cafe is right outside.

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