Kendall Finlay

UA SAS Representative


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Endorsed by:



The Black Student League

W.E.B. Du Bois College House Council

Hello! I am Kendall Finlay and I am your candidate for UA Representative. It is no secret that this winter has been a difficult one for many Penn students. To this day we continue to battle several issues, from mental health to misunderstandings about race and class to even the near impeachment of our own UA President. Fostering Campus Unity is important and essential for Penn to move forward. This isn’t the time for politics, but a time for action. As a UA Representative, I will advocate student involvement in mental health task forces, request allocation of school funds to organizations that actively seek to bring the Penn community together through a variety of events, and create a monthly forum for students to voice their concerns about campus culture, student government, and Penn at large. Vote Kendall Finlay for UA Representative because Together we can all make an impact!