30 seconds with Penn softball outfielder Sydney Turchin

Daily Pennsylvanian: Favorite softball memory?

Sydney Turchin: Winning the Ivy Championships.

DP: Pregame meal?

ST: Bagel sandwich.

DP: Favorite nickname you’ve been given?

ST: Squidney.

DP: Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

ST: Definitely Samoas.

DP: Favorite show on Netflix?

ST: Sons of Anarchy.

DP: They are making a film about your life. What actress would you want playing the role of you?

ST:  Jessica Biel.

DP: What other sport do you wish you played?

ST: Soccer.

DP: Favorite class you’ve taken at Penn?

ST: Intro to Political Communications.

DP: Pump-up song?

ST: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked.

DP: Who’s going to win the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

ST: Duke.

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