Dartmouth University: Following a “Bloods and Crips”-themed party, which sparked controversy on campus and received national media attention, campus organization presidents at Dartmouth University unanimously approved new policy for Greek organizations who receive complaints of standard community violations. They will be expected to judicially address the accused individuals internally or participate in mediation sessions with the complainants, The Dartmouth reported. Violations include insensitivity to other cultures through clothing or event themes.

Yale University: Internship searches and the interview process are in full swing and Yale University is looking at ways to make this time easier for students. MetroLink , a new service by Yale’s Undergraduate Career Services, will offer free transportation to off-site job interviews for seniors this spring. The interviews must be for jobs in the public, nonprofit or performing arts sector, the Yale Daily News reported.

Wellesley College: A highly realistic sculpture of a naked man placed on Wellesley College’s campus last Monday afternoon continues to raise discussion, laughter and outrage. The “Sleepwalker,” by Tony Matelli, depicts a man in his underwear standing in the snow with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched. Social media accounts that compile selfies with the sleepwalker have gained some popularity. Other students, who argue the statue can be triggering to sexual assault victims, are asking for the statue’s removal and have collected 800 signatures on a Change.com petition. There are currently no plans to remove the art installation.

Stanford University: Stanford University closed down several buildings Tuesday morning following the report of a suspicious backpack jammed in a newspaper dispenser. According to Stanford police, the backpack’s location warranted a more serious response than routine responses to suspicious packages, the Stanford Daily reported. The University issued an “all clear” notification about five hours later.

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