A former goalkeeper for the Quakers, Ted Rawlings is very much the face of Penn lacrosse in his third year as Penn’s Director of Lacrosse Operations. However, to say that his interests are limited to lacrosse alone would be shortsighted. Here are 30 seconds with the man himself.

Daily Pennsylvanian: Favorite Penn sport to watch?

Ted Rawlings: Basketball, men’s basketball.

DP: Favorite movie?

TR: Field of Dreams.

DP: Favorite pump up song before a game?

TR: That’s a good one ... Thunder Road, let’s go with Bruce.

DP: Superpower you would love to have?

TR: Read minds.

DP: Favorite undergrad memory?

TR: I don’t remember most of them. Actually, my favorite undergrad memory was going to Notre Dame in the NCAA tournament.

DP: Best food found in Philly?

TR: Cheesesteak. Actually, underdogs.

DP: Favorite pro sports team?

TR: The Dallas Cowboys.

DP: Favorite sport in the Winter Olympics?

TR: Hockey, basketball’s not in it, right?

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