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Frida Garza 

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It’s no longer interesting to talk about the stereotypes of going Greek. Everyone’s met a fraternity man with an overinflated ego, suffered through a conversation about Panhellenic unity or drank the jungle juice.

If you look for evidence of the negatives, you’ll find plenty. But as a proud member of Greek life on Penn’s campus — who finds time to be involved in many other things — I think the conversation needs to move on.

By joining a sorority, I’ve found women who support me in my feminism, not who diminish it. I’ve met leaders whose passion for what they do inspires me to pursue my own dreams as ardently. And I’ve confronted social stereotypes long enough to be motivated to shake them off.

Greek life arguably introduces you to — and gives you the tools to confront — various problems. What’s that about? For those of us who choose it, how do we come out as better people?

Frida Garza is a College senior from El Paso, Texas studying English. Her email address is Follow her @fffffrida.

Greekin’ Out

Greek Life can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In our first “Table Talk,” we asked our columnists — and others in the Penn community — to chime in on the pros and cons of Greek culture at Penn.


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