Few people may know how many advertisements they encounter on a given day, but students who attended “Body Jeopardy” last night at the LGBT Center learned not only that number — about 3,000 — but much more.

“Body Jeopardy” was the Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women’s trivia competition, held in conjunction with its “Love Your Body Day” campaign.

Before the competition, Emily Panik — outreach coordinator from Student Health Services — briefly presented about the resources available for students from the Service, which includes free HIV screening, free condoms and one-on-one sexual health education.

Then came the trivia challenge.

Questions covered mostly sex and body image issues, such as the percentages of women who fit the ideal type of beauty depicted in popular media in the U.S. (5%) and who achieve orgasm in a sexual encounter (29%).

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Participants were also tested on more Penn-specific facts — such as the name of the student group that organizes gender-related discussion every Sunday at the LGBT Center (Penn Non-Cis) and what locations on campus provide free condoms (Student Health Services and the LGBT Center, among others).

Ning Jiang, a graduate student in the School of Social Policy & Practice, attended the event because she was “interested in learning about organizing an event that gets people to talk about gender-related issues.”

“I got to know more about my body and women’s bodies,” College freshman Michael Karam, one of only two male participants at the event. “And it is interesting to know that 29 percent of women watch porn.”

PCUW has annually held events for the national campaign, “Love Your Body Day,” at Penn. Over the past week, PCUW has had a booth in front of the Penn Women’s Center and invited students to complete the sentence, “I love my body because…” on little body-shaped blank dolls, receiving more than 150 responses.

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“One response that really touches me was, ‘I love my body because I can keep up with my four-year old,’ ” College sophomore Iris Zhang, one of the executive board members at PCUW, said. “To increase awareness, we also put up large dolls on the walk with statistics on them about body image issues and eating disorders.”

PCUW also organizes speaker events and invited author and political commentator Melissa Harris-Perry to campus last year.

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