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When I tell people I live in a fraternity, I’m generally met with sighs and rolled eyes. Whether it’s the fact I’m in a fraternity and therefore a “douchebag” or the idea that only the worst brothers actually live in a frat house, there are rarely people outside the Greek system who approve of my living situation.

In fact, these reactions are so common, it’s almost useless to even try showing them the benefits of living with the brotherhood. I can partially understand their hesitation to embrace a culture of drinking, womanizing and closed-door business dealings because that’s what the media and others have made fraternities out to be. But living in a chapter house represents so much more. It’s by far one of the most important steps a newly initiated brother can take in embracing his new family.

The chapter house is where the benefits of fraternity life are actualized. Brothers congregate there to play Super Smash, eat Chipotle or shoot each other with Nerf guns. Have an issue with homework? Walk two doors down: you might find a TA. Feeling mischievous? Pour ice water on whoever is in the shower, as no one will report you to an RA. And how does having a weekly cleaning service to take care of your bathroom sound?

While living in a frat house isn’t always sunshine and butterflies, the memories made here with your future groomsmen will be some of the best of your college career. While there certainly are perks to living off campus with friends, or in college housing, there’s a certain charm to living in a Greek house that surpasses all other options.

For those of you who still have fundamental disdain for all things frat: I ask you to come visit and hang out for a while. I guarantee you’ll change your mind.

Kyle Illgen is a College sophomore. He is an associate advertising manager at The Daily Pennsylvanian. He can be reached at

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