Senior Goodbye: Ricky Katz | A sports fan's paradise

· May 12, 2011, 9:40 pm   ·  Updated May 13, 2011, 12:00 am

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Throughout my life, I have always been very passionate about sports. In fact, most of the conversations I have in a given day are sports-related. As an avid player and spectator of many sports, the DP gave me the opportunity to be a true college sports reporter, as well.

After being the sports editor of my high school’s newspaper, I decided not write for the DP as a freshman here at Penn. However, I missed writing about sports and decided as a sophomore that I wanted to write for the Sports section.

I thought it would be difficult to join the paper as a first-time writer as a sophomore, but to my surprise, I was welcomed by the editors with open arms. It wasn’t long before I was fully entrenched as a regular sports writer for the paper.

I went on to cover many sports at Penn, most notably baseball, which I covered for all three years as a staff writer.

I always enjoyed covering games at Meiklejohn Stadium. For anyone who hasn’t attended a baseball game at Penn, you have really missed out. The atmosphere at Penn baseball games is awesome.

To me, writing for the DP was a hobby. I never really considered journalism as a career and was never really interested in becoming an editor. The DP served as a way for me to continue writing about sports while remaining informed about Quakers athletics.

Most of my classes at Penn did not require me to write very much, so I was happy to be able to do so through the DP.

I would like to thank all of the sports editors that I wrote for over the past three years. You all contributed to my excellent experience as a staff writer.

The DP has taught me to appreciate quality sports writing. I hope to continue writing about sports in some capacity. I know that I will miss it.

Go Quakers.

RICKY KATZ is a 2011 Wharton graduate from Wayne, N.J.. He can be contacted at He will be working in trading in New York after graduation.

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