Photo slideshow of Wednesday's silent protest against racism on College Green. Related: Penn stands against racism

Three days ago, The Daily Pennsylvanian published a guest column in which a student detailed his encounters with racism on Penn’s campus.

In numerous letters to the editor and online comments, as well as in a blog started by students, readers detailed their own experiences with discrimination.

This outpouring of response served as a stark reminder that intolerance exists in many forms at the University and creates an environment in which some feel that they don’t belong.

Overnight, members of the Penn community mobilized to stage a silent protest against discrimination. Hundreds dressed in black and joined hands on College Green in an awe-inspiring display of solidarity.

Moving forward, students must foster a sustained discussion on the issue of belonging. It is only through an ongoing dialogue that we can create a campus of tolerance — one in which all students feel accepted.

The response the community has shown over the past few days signifies that we are capable of confronting difficult issues rarely addressed on a campus-wide scale.

The silence has been broken. Now is the time to speak up.

How do you think the Penn community can address the issue of discrimination moving forward? Send us a letter to the editor to share your thoughts: letters@theDP.com.

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