Storing stuff for the summer

U-Haul: (215) 471-4137 4857 Chestnut St. 10' Truck: $19.95 plus $.89/mile thereafter

Ryder: (215) 336-4250 1450 S. Warfield St. 10' Truck: $40 plus $.89/mile thereafter

Sinclair Moving 1-800-282-7242 Standard box: $38 Door-to-door: $55 Sofas and loveseats: $80 each PennMoveOut Prices vary according to size of item, starting at $42 per box. Box-This Environmentally conscious facility; will store during whole semester for students abroad. 1 box: $25/box 2-3 boxes: $23/box >4 boxes: $20/box Public Storage 6330 Market Street Rates start at $35/month for a 5'x5' cell (484) 257-7357 School Storage Delivers packing materials to you before the end of the semester. Boxes are collected at a location on campus. (610) 239-0200 $130 for three 20"x20"x20" boxes, tape and labels

BoxMyDorm Free pickup and delivery $294 for the whole summer: five 24"x16"x18" boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, poster tube with $300 insurance per item Safeguard Self Storage 1221 N. Broad St. Rates start at $29/month for 5'x5' cell (215) 825-8572

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