Printing at Penn is getting much more personal.

Information Systems and Computing is working on a wireless system that will allow students to print directly to Penn printers from their laptops.

With the new network, students will be able to download software onto their computers which will give them access to designated printers. Students can then send their document to the system for printing and swipe their card at the printer to actually get their paper.

We commend the University for this much-needed improvement in printing services. It's unfortunate that miscommunications between different schools hampered the implementation of this technology, but we hope that officials are able to roll out the system by next semester.

In a way, the project will also help unify the school's printing system. It's especially important that the ISC works to standardize printing prices and ensure that students can access as many different printers on campus as possible.

Sure, these steps don't address the cost of printing. Still, it's safe to say that if University officials continue on this path, printing aggravation will be a thing of the past.

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