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It was a rough year for the American social fabric. The existing political order was under deep strain.
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Last week, The Daily Pennsylvanian ran an article about Wharton sophomore Eric Hoover, who posted in the Penn Class of 2019 Facebook group that he intends to form a chapter on campus of a pro-life group called Students for Life of America (SFLA). Naturally, Hoover’s post caused a bit of chaos in the group as pro-choice advocates began to berate him with comments such as “welcome to the middle ages.” While there’s no data to back this up, it’s probable that most Penn students are pro-choice and take great offense at those who would suggest that abortion be made illegal.
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BEN CLAAR is a College sophomore from Scarsdale, N.Y.
10/24/16 10:10pm
When I first came to Penn, one of the first questions I was asked about my home country was: “Isn’t Vietnam a democracy?” At first, it seemed like a harmless question, but, after rethinking it, I saw the damaging knowledge gaps behind the query — the same lack of knowledge about the Vietnam War directly informs humanitarian disasters like Iraq.
10/24/16 10:08pm
SHUN SAKAI is a College senior from Chestnut Hill, Mass.
10/24/16 10:08pm

Guest Column by Luke Tortora | Where tolerance goes to die

A short preface: Penn, surely, is strengthened by its status as a progressive institution. It is diverse, eclectic, and empowers all to seek the resources and opportunities they deserve.
10/23/16 10:22pm
BRAD HONG is a College freshman from Morristown, N.J.
10/23/16 10:10pm
As we all know, the presidential debates mark the tail end of the two-year-long campaign for president of the United States.  With the cicada-esque lifespan of the campaign coming to an end, television networks across the country reap record ratings by broadcasting these debates.  Some of you may still remember the debate from this past week, which drew 71 million viewers, and which represents the conclusion of the most-watched series of presidential debates in history.  But does “most-watched” mean “best?”  Based on the leading nature of that question, I think many of you would disagree.