12/07/16 9:38pm
This semester has been tumultuous. Regardless of whether you personally were affected by current events — the election, Black Lives Matter, sexual assault — those around you were.
12/07/16 9:31pm
The world’s most successful notion of free government arose from what was called “the principle of the sovereignty of the people.” This principle viewed government as a regrettable necessity.
12/07/16 9:28pm
My Response to Penn Students for Justice in Palestine The teddy bears placed around Locust Walk this past Thursday by Penn Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) undoubtedly evoked strong emotions.
12/06/16 11:22pm
BEN CLAAR is a College sophomore from Scarsdale, N.Y.
12/06/16 11:22pm
On November 9, the American flag stood at half-mast at Hampshire College as a “reaction to the toxic tone of the monthslong election.” The following night, though, the flag was burned by an unidentified individual or group of individuals.
12/06/16 11:19pm
2016 will not, I suspect, go down in the history books as one of humanity’s great success stories.
12/05/16 10:31pm

Guest column by Michaela Kotziers | Classroom politics: A letter to professors

Two weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to the English faculty about addressing current events in classroom spaces.
12/05/16 10:29pm
As a misanthrope, there’s a truth I’m beginning to accept, and that is that my day is made better by the kindness of strangers.